Crazy Chickens Create Traditions #GIVELIVESTOCK

I love this picture.

It was June of 2009. The 2nd annual Livestock Music Fest. We were a hot mess! No really, it was 110 degrees outside, with an added 20 fleecy costume degrees. At days end we’d lost our marbs. We had fun, yes! We did it for purpose, yes!

Raising money for livestock animals like chickens, pigs, cows, and goats is no easy task.

Photo Credit: World Vision, USA

What I love most about that “crazy chicken” picture is the small onlooker in the background. I’ll bet you missed seeing her. My daughter. She was three years old and taking it all in. As the years pass with intrepid speed and another Livestock Music Fest is planned and commissioned, I look at this picture and my heart slows. It’s always the small things. Often overlooked. These are the moments, the pictures of life that make the biggest impact. It’s how traditions are formed. Quietly and unrealized. They are the organic things that we do, make, and celebrate. Over and over, again.

This is it. This is what it’s becoming. A tradition. For her, my daughter now 9 years old, a legacy of learning how to give to those in need. A legacy of creating fun and celebration because God is so good. 

But, there’s more.

This community. It is becoming. You and your families and your children. Together, each year gathering as one to celebrate through music, food, and festivities. Each year a tradition of giving cows, chickens, and goats to help give a hand up to someone in need. These are the things that bind us in unity.

Photo Credit: World Vision, USA

What are some traditions you’re noticing in the corner of your life’s frame? Your chicks are growing–grown. It’s never too late to do something new.


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