Do you have any food for me?

What if she looked into your eyes and asked, “Do you have any food for me?”

This is Zaneb sitting in the hospital with her 16 month old daughter. During my stay at the orphanage we had a few outreach opportunities planned to get out and do good for the community of Freetown.

Visiting the hospital was first on the list. Brad, a doctor from Missouri, who was traveling with us brought a case of medical supplies to donate. Other than the donation, our intention was to see the facility and pray with those in need.

Zaneb was the first woman to make eye contact with me. I’ll admit that I felt a little fear rise up in me. Maybe fear isn’t the correct word, rather vulnerability. My American mind-set was fixed on the idea that my presence, my approach, my offering of prayer would offend or insult her. So, I first began by asking her name. I asked a little about her baby, but her face looked confused. She wasn’t fully understanding me and I wondered if she understood my English. I made small talk and eventually asked her if I could pray for her baby. She nodded her head in agreement. I reached out and touched the baby’s foot then bowed my head and prayed a simple prayer of health and healing. I opened my eyes and into those chocolate drops peering straight back at me.

“Do you have any food for me?” Zaneb asked.

I stopped breathing for a moment. My mouth dropped. I had nothing with me; no money, no food, not even a crumb. I had come empty handed even though I am not empty. In fact, I am very full. I wanted to say “Yes, yes I have food for you! How much do you need? Whatever you ask I shall give to you!” Instead, I had to tell Zaneb “I am sorry but I do not have anything for you.”

I left feeling like a wretched person. I felt as though I had failed an epic assignment.

When we returned to the center I overheard the staff discussing their return to the hospital the following week and then it hit me, my second chance! So, I gave a sum of money along with the picture of Zaneb to the person returning the next week and asked that they bless her with the gift.

I’ve thought a lot about her and wondered if she ever received the food I sent for her. This side of Heaven I will never know the outcome, but this I do know, if I am willing to give out of my whole heart He will be faithful to complete it.

Even if it takes a second chance!

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