Hey dear readers,

My name is Rachel and I’m glad you’ve landed here.

It all began at a quaint, village camp in Iowa. A 14 year old girl, huddled beneath the shade of a century-old Oak, crying over broken friendships, boys, and an alcoholic father throwing his family into a transitional loop by suddenly – radically, turning his life {and beer} over to Christ. I remember the way my heart pounded with ache, there was more to life — I couldn’t see it with my eyes, but the feeling burned within. So, I prayed my best prayer. All in. All for Jesus.

That was my Once Upon a Time…

Today, I could tell you that I’m a mother of three children, happily married, and love the Lord with all my heart. Although this tidbit may be true,  it shouldn’t be construed that my story has been a happily ever after.

If you really want to know about me you should know that this life, left to my own, is no fairy tale. I’ve spent a good 30-something years in trial and error {with a lot of errors}. I’ve known what it’s like to be a single mother; been entangled in the flesh for too many selfish reasons to count; and wrestled the ugly battle of defending my worth from the liar of this world. Oh, but grace. Oh, but for the redemption of Jesus.

I am learning the art of simple obedience.

With Jesus leading the way, I’ve determined to follow in His footsteps. There are always new truths to be learned – and I, the eager student desire to listen well and believe with my whole heart. My life and these inspired words poured out on my blog are a testament of my journey.

I am the author of  Good-bye Lover , an Irish Historical Novel. I love to speak at church or women’s events. And I’m an ambassador for The Lulu Tree, equipping mothers living in the margins in the regions of Uganda and Sierra Leone. In my spare time I bake cut-out cookies for parties and events. Minnesota is where I call home.